Program Reviews

Ronda Dorsey

I recently completed my second course with BrainFirst, their Master Practitioner Program, and I am compelled to express how impressed I am with the exceptional curriculum. This program has been instrumental in my professional development as a coach, equipping me with a deeper understanding of applied neuroscience and a digital “toolbox” of engaging materials for real-world application. The program's unique approach to Brain-Based Coaching, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), stands as a testament to Ramon’s commitment to providing high-quality, internationally recognized training. This has undoubtedly empowered me professionally and has significantly enhanced the way I engage with my clients. Thank you, BrainFirst, for another fantastic learning experience!

Ash Ramgoolam

A wonderful investment in my personal development where I gained various tools to use as part of my practice. I feel I have some knowledge to differentiate my coaching approach in the market.

Stephanie Spellen-Nouel

This course has been phenomenal. The weeks went by too quickly. The content is of real value and the teachers are really committed and invested in teaching us to become the best coach we can be. Eye-opening, challenging and feeling this real growth in knowledge and experience while going through the weeks of the course. I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested and invested in pursuing a coaching career. The neuroscience part gives you this extra in dept knowledge and understanding of how our brain, hormones and physiology impact our body, mind and feelings. I really loved this extra in dept knowledge we gained. Thank you, Ramon and Divya, for everything!

Fawziah Bhatia, PCC

This was a very valuable course and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to apply neuroscience in their work. Ramon is so knowledgeable on this subject and offers the latest research to back the science. He is a lifelong learner and his passion for neuroscience is evident when he is teaching. I walked away from this course with a desire to delve further into neuroscience as well as practical strategies to incorporate neuroscience in my coaching. I also have a better understanding of how to tell if research is robust and meaningful. There is so much covered in a short period of time and I look forward to relistening to all the lectures again, reading through the supporting research papers and listening to the amazing podcasts that Ramon has so generously offered this community. This course is definitely worth the investment

Sibylle Kneer

The Brain-Based Coaching program is a beautifully crafted course. I enjoyed every session and I loved the connection to the rest of the group throughout this time. Looking at the potential of human behavior from the two different perspectives of neuroscience and solution-focused coaching was truly inspiring. I can already see how my coachees benefit from what I've learned. Can't wait to keep going on my journey to become a coach. Thanks Brian and Ramon for an excellent experience!

Daniela Guzzetti

Thanks to Divya and Ramon for being such inspiring, welcoming and open minded instructors. Thanks to my fellow adventurers for making the path enjoyable and rich from the human point of view. Interesting and very well structured course. I would definitely recommend.

Emma O'Sullivan

The program is so worth the investment! Ramon provides incredible detail in his lectures which enables me to both better understand myself and better serve my clients. He knows his Neuroscience and delivers incredible value in his teachings.

Jon Dupre

Ramon's real-world approach makes the science easy for me to begin utilizing immediately with every client who walks through the door, and to feel confident in knowing it's backed up by proper testing! - One of the best decisions of my career and we are just getting warmed up. Thanks.

Kassandra Chas

The Brain-Based Coach program was a great value. It combined intense knowledge with applicable scenarios. Both Divya and Ramon were helpful in both the learning process and understanding real world examples. I feel this program did very well in integrating the ICF competencies into our lessons. You guys were great, thank you for dedicating your time to developing another cohort of knowledgable and confident coaches!

Ken Chow

I am very happy with the course. It had met my expectation of what an evidence-based coach training would be like. I also like the how the applied neuroscience complements the solution-focused coaching approach.

Julie Fortin

I got a lot of value from the course and would recommend it to anyone looking to get training in Solution Focused Coaching and/or the Neuroscience of Coaching.

Karen Livey

I love how neuroscience research can be workable in the real world. I have done several courses in this area and have found Ramon's grasp of neuroscience and his practical examples of how to apply them in different situations exceptional. He makes it easy to integrate them into my thinking and practice. A great teacher!

Brian King, LCSW

Cutting-edge neuroscience! It is presented in a way that is a joy to learn, understand, and apply it practically - whether you like to watch, listen, or read - and a private club to maximize one's learning strengths.