The Insightful Brain: Facilitating The "Aha" Moment

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When it comes to problems, whether in work or life, we’ve all had an “Aha” experience: where a solution suddenly emerges into awareness, and often with a positive, motivating energy.

Such an experience has been referred to as insight.

Insight, as a “thinking mode” of solving problems, has been shown to be faster and more accurate than analytical thought, for many types of problems.

While it may be tempting to argue that insight is the preferred method of problem-solving, as it has often been found to result in more correct solutions, it may well be that it depends upon the nature of the problem. Research has shown that when the nature of the problem tends to be emotion-arousing, more subjective than objective, and when there is no organizing principle or algorithm available, insight may be the better route for problem-solving.

In contrast, analytical thinking appears to be better suited to solving problems that have some sort of organizing principle,...

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