Certificate in Neuroscience of Coaching

ICF Accredited Coach Certification Fast-Track Program


Learn key applied neuroscience concepts in easy-to-understand terms: the what, why, and how of neuroscience-based coaching.

Coaching Skills Focused

Develop neuroscience-based coaching skills to help clients change behavior, establish strong habits, and achieve any goal fast!


Prioritize results with clear objectives and outcomes, tailored to individual needs to enhance effectiveness.

Karen Livey

I love how neuroscience research can be workable in the real world. I have done several courses in this area and have found Ramon’s grasp of neuroscience and his practical examples of how to apply them in different situations exceptional. He makes it easy to integrate them into my thinking and practice. A great teacher!

Program Overview

Upgrade your knowledge, hone your skills, and develop expertise with brain-based coaching competencies.

Jon Dupre

Ramon’s real-world approach makes the science easy for me to begin utilizing immediately with every client who walks through the door, and to feel confident in knowing it's backed up by proper testing! - One of the best decisions of my career and we are just getting warmed up. Thanks Ramon!

Your Learning Experience

Online education and training, coach toolkits, and dedicated support community.

Professional Practice Program

Your education and training are delivered online with training workshops and live implementation sessions. Self-coaching exercises, prompts, cheat sheets, powerful coaching questions to use with clients, and many other learning resources are included.

Workshops & Implementation Sessions

The training workshops provide an interactive learning experience, and the implementation sessions provide an opportunity to put your new knowledge into practice with fellow coaches.

Dedicated Support Community

Stay connected to your peers and program trainer in our private online group. Discuss the training, ask questions, organize peer coaching sessions, and stay up-to-date.

Extensive Coach Toolkit

Your Coach Toolkit contains resources to help you facilitate client change. Example toolkit from Building Strong Habits shown.

Brain-Based Coach Certification and ICF CCEs

If you wish to become a certified as a Brain-Based Coach you are required to submit a 20 minute recording of a coaching session, conducted during the final week of the program. Alternatively, you can submit the recording at a later stage.

30 International Coaching Federation CCEs are awarded upon completion of the training and performance evaluation (28 Core Competencies and 2 Resource Development hours), which can be used towards renewing an ICF credential or count towards the education hours to achieve an ICF credential via the portfolio path.

Fawziah Bhatia, PCC

This was a very valuable course and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to apply neuroscience in their work. Ramon is so knowledgeable on this subject and offers the latest research to back the science. He is a lifelong learner and his passion for neuroscience is evident when he is teaching. I walked away from this course with a desire to delve further into neuroscience as well as practical strategies to incorporate neuroscience in my coaching. I also have a better understanding of how to tell if research is robust and meaningful. There is so much covered in a short period of time and I look forward to relistening to all the lectures again, reading through the supporting research papers and listening to the amazing podcasts that Ramon has so generously offered this community. This course is definitely worth the investment!

Your Program Facilitator

Ramon David, MSc

Ramon David is the founder of BrainFirst¬ģ Institute, delivering applied neuroscience training for coaches since 2016. Ramon holds a Masters degree in Applied Neuroscience and has conducted brain-based research with real-world application. He has¬†12,000+ hours of coaching, training and mentoring experience, and has trained thousands of coaches. He is currently completing his PhD research, investigating¬†a neuroscience-based approach to psychological needs, and is the author of the Handbook of Professional Coaching Competencies, with neuroscience and psychology insights.

Live Session Dates/Times

Emma O'Sullivan

The program is so worth the investment! Ramon provides incredible detail in his lectures which enables me to both better understand myself and better serve my clients. He knows his Neuroscience and delivers incredible value in his teachings.

Develop Cutting-Edge Neuroscience-Based Coaching Skills

Program commences August. Early-Bird Enrollment Open.



(payment plan available)

  • Fast-Track Program¬†delivered over 6 weeks instead of 12.
  • Training Workshops¬†to upgrade your knowledge.
  • Implementation Sessions to develop your brain-based coaching¬†skills.
  • Coach¬†Toolkit to facilitate¬†change.
  • Dedicated Support Community to stay connected and ahead of the curve.
  • 30 International Coaching Federation CCEs.
  • Small groups¬†for an optimal learning environment.


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ENROLL (payment plan)

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